03 April 2011

Safety and Security

Untitled-2When we read about the news of the recent tragedy that hit Japan, we were all shocked and saddened. Immediately, we were keen to help them and set out to find ways on how we could donate, even just a little bit, to help the victims. With just 2 days, we collected RM3,000.

With the kind generosity from all of you, we managed to collect a fair sum and quickly we banked in the money to the Malaysian Red Crescent Society’s International Relief Fund. We had a little video shooting to prove the transaction - that 100% of what was collected was given – and none was kept by Squarelet. It sure was a little awkward videoing through the glass doors of Maybank’s ATM, but we felt it was necessary. We also had the transaction slip scanned and posted on Facebook showing the full amount.

Squarelet @ Maybank’s ATM

These are just the few little extra steps by Squarelet to ensure our transparency to our fellow Squarers. Since the beginning, we have always stressed on the safety and security of our deals. From the start, we want to ensure that you can trust us and we do all we can to prove it.

Untitled-4In fact, that is our first task for the IT guys. “Develop all our systems and set up Squarelet with security in mind! We want every button in Squarelet to be safe safe safe!,” we yelled. Ok, we didn’t yell, but we sure stressed that point home.

So our IT guys have done just that. They went about thinking only about security and told the web designers to go home. Oops.... And so, we now have an incredibly safe website but, we have to admit, not with a very pretty one. ~shy~

These are just some of the stuff our IT guys did.

  • The encryption is one way only. This means it cannot be decrypted back to its original text (example passwords, in this case)
  • Our IT guys in Squarelet cannot decrypt this to get your password, even if they wanted to
  • This encryption methodology are required by law for use in certain U.S. Government applications
  • It is so safe that we even dare to show the encrypted text itself for all to see

For more technical mumbo jumbo, see here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SHA-2. Ok, this may be a little too technical for some, but it’s still good to know. :)

Below is the screenshot of how the password of the user is stored within the database. Technically, it's called "Hashed using SHA-512". Oooo... sounds safe, doesn’t it?

Secured PasswordWe will continue to strive on security here at Squarelet. In everything that we do, we will take extra efforts to show that we are transparent and nothing is risked. We may not be the prettiest website around, but we sure are one of the safest!

01 April 2011

A Healthy and Hearty Meal

ef6c082d-146d-4204-98ca-f536fc8511a8Discover this true gem in Penang!
As Earth Hour 2011 just passed, the call for the world's citizens to unite and save Mother Earth rings louder than ever. And so, the timing couldn't be more right than now to introduce this specialized restaurant that is worth multiple visits.
Introducing today's deal of Sushi Kitchen Cash Voucher worth RM10 for only RM5.
Sushi Kitchen have two dining styles, either a tatami style or dining table style. Whichever you choose, they are equally comfortable and you will soon forget about it as something more important will take your attention away... the FOOD!

Squarelet @ Sushi Kitchen

One thing that will capture your attention from the start would be that Sushi Kitchen advocates very healthy eating. Not only are they vegetarian, but they also do not cook with artificial flavoring or preservatives. In fact, they have nine big No-Nos.

9 NO Ingredients:

  • · No MSG
  • · No White Sugar
  • · No White Salt
  • · No Artificial Colouring
  • · No Preservatives
  • · No Meat
  • · No Egg
  • · No Garlic and Onion
  • · No Microwave

For some of the dish, Sushi Kitchen cooks with organic olive oil and also serves organic drinks. Here are their Yes-Yeses.
6 YES Practices (among the many others) :

  • · Natural Seasoning such as brown sugar and Himalayan salt
  • · Natural Detergent / Cleaner made from enzymes
  • · High Energy & High Fibre
  • · All vegetables are soaked in enzymes 45 minutes before cooking to wash away chemicals
  • · All food order to cook (no leftover ingredients)
  • · Non smoking restaurant

You might wonder, with so many Nos, would the food taste "no" as well? Aha.. this is where you would be pleasantly surprised. In fact, some of their sushi creations can easily beat other high-end Japanese Restaurant hands down! And the best part is, you can eat with a happy stomach knowing that it is perfectly healthy.  9ccb728c-be83-4937-8966-6852ce9b7899

There is no reason not to give this restaurant a try now!
Remember to call for reservations though. Many of Sushi Kitchen's customers patronizes this place frequently! The restaurant also prepares the vegetables and fruits in advance and they are soaked with enzymes for 45 minutes to remove all the harmful fertilizers, heavy metal, bacterias, insecticides and etc. Therefore, all dishes are available while stock last.

Deal is now available until 5 April 2011 at 8.00pm. Visit Squarelet now!


17 March 2011

The earlier the better

donationjapanQuick announcement friends! We realized that there is no point in holding on to your kind donations for so long.. and the money should be quickly given to MRCS so that they can progress on with the necessary support for Japan.

With that, we are pleased to announce that we are going to write the cheque tomorrow and will be submitting to MRCS on Monday! We will be collecting donations until 12 midnight later, so if you still wish to donate, hurry ya. Also do share with your friends who might be interested to contribute too.

We look forward to the handing-over-of-the-cheque on Monday. And guess what? You will be able to see it too after we come back! Stay tuned!

And guys, again, our heartfelt thanks for all your support. Lots of karma points to everyone!

For more information regarding the donation itself, please see this blog post.

16 March 2011

Xuan Xin Ramen Kitchen

ca54674d-abe1-4994-ad15-f1016bcc9141Oodles noodles! We have launched our latest deal featuring yummilicious noodles at Xuan Xin Ramen Kitchen.

Ramen, a Japanese word for noodle, is known to be a Japanese noodle dish... but it is actually of Chinese origin. How and when was the word introduced in Japan? One theory is that ramen is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese 拉麺 (la mien), meaning "hand-pulled noodles." Ponder on this interesting trivia as you dine at Xuan Xin Ramen Kitchen with Squarelet’s latest deal of RM10 cash voucher for only RM5. 50% off!

Xuan Xin Ramen Kitchen is one of the Xuan Xin group and this noodle house is set out to satisfy the taste buds of those seeking real Chinese noodles. They have a wide selection of wholesome yet tasty flavours of ramen and other signature dishes. Here, every ramen served is made from fine and fresh ingredients to let you experience the unique oriental flavours. Choose from various flavours, from curry to fried to soup noodles, one visit is surely not enough.


They also feature some signature dishes which you can order extra to share. Be rest assured, Xuan Xin is continuously innovative in upgrading their menu to meet the customer's expectations.

Deal is now available until 22 March 2011 at 8.00pm. Visit Squarelet.com now!

Our Thoughts and Prayers

donationjapanBy now, we're sure everyone is aware of the horrific disaster that claimed thousands of lives in Japan. The 8.9-magnitude quake - the strongest in Japan’s seismically turbulent history - which struck on March 11, and subsequently triggered a tsunami and now the nuclear troubles, is described as Japan’s “worst crisis since World War II.” In fact, the tragedy is not over. The impact of this natural disaster will be felt not only by the Japanese, but by the rest of the world for a long time to come.

As we sit here in Penang, safe and sound, let us all send a grateful prayer and do what we can to help these victims. Join us in donating some funds, no matter big or small, to the Malaysian Red Crescent Society (MRCS) who will then ensure the immediate disbursement of all donated funds to the victims.

Squarelet has kicked start this fund by contributing RM500. We hope that Penangites will join in and together let us unite to help our fellow brothers and sisters in Japan. No matter how small or big the contribution, we thank you in advance.

How to Contribute

1. Visit www.squarelet.com

2. Click the “Buy” button

3. Choose from the drop down menu, the quantity you would like to donate

Eg, 10 x RM3 = RM30

4. Confirm your shipping address is correct as we will be sending you a receipt by MRCS for any donation from RM100 and above for tax exemption

5. Choose your payment method and click “Proceed with your Purchase” button

What Squarelet does Next?

Upon your successful donation, we will update the total funds received on the right banner of our website. We want to remain transparent thus, you can easily see the increased amount as the number of donations also increase.

By 28 March, we will calculate the final amount and share it with all of you. We will then write a cheque addressed to Malaysian Red Crescent Society and all your generous contributions will be given to them from then on.

For those of you who donated RM100 or more, MRCS will send us the receipt for your tax exemption. We will then post it to you. This is why we encourage you to double check your shipping address to avoid lost mail.

We hope that with everyone’s effort, somehow we can help ease a little burden off the shoulders of the victims. We are after all, living on the same planet.

13 December 2010

Our First Step

confetti_9e6k*throws confetti!* *pops champagne!* *three resounding cheers!* *drinks all around!*

Alright..maybe the celebration doesn't warrant such a grand scale but heck, it sure feels like it to us! :)

It has been a "hiong hiong khi" (hokkien term for just do it) week for all of us at Squarelet as we finally launched our website and go live to the Penangkias! We were as nervous as little pups.. crossing our fingers and toes that nothing will go wrong. We've done all our preparation, we've done all our homework, we've tested the links twice and twice again.. It should be good to go!

And true enough it did! Yays!

Our first deal was of Coffee Bean Cash Vouchers worth RM10 at only RM6! All 50 vouchers were snapped up within a day and a half. *cheers all around*


Our second deal was of Bubble Milk Tea drink at Tea-Tac-Toe worth RM7.80 at only RM3.60. Another 54 vouchers were grabbed by the end of the deal. *throws confetti*


We are proud that so far we've efficiently answered all questions you guys had, sent out all vouchers by post and email with no delays, and all payments were done smoothly. With these two deals, we're now even more geared up to offer more and more good deals to you guys!

Till then!

27 November 2010

Our first deal - Mushrooms and Sambals

image2010's Mooncake Festival would always be fondly remembered by us as this special festival sorta helped shaped Squarelet.

Not only were we born on this day...it was also during this festival that we successfully made a group buying deal among our friends! Yup! Deal of the day was "Mushroom Sambal Mooncake" and the deal was with 20 confirmed orders, all buyers will enjoy a 10% discount and FREE delivery! (yeah, these were imported mooncakes from Johor leh...)

So a few of us started sharing the deal on Facebook, Twitter and email. In no time at all, we managed to score 20 orders! Perhaps the exotic mushroom sambal flavor helped as Penangites are known to want to try new stuff but mostly the promise of a 10% discount was the pulling factor.

And that, my friends, is the power of group buying. Squarelet is going to launch some great deals pretty soon...only in a matter of a few more days...and its gonna be pretty exciting to see group buying come to life!! Only at Squarelet, yo!

28 October 2010

The Many Sides of a Square

Untitled-2Ah.. The decisions of a logo creation are usually one of the hardest to make. It is the face of the company, the everlasting image you want to remain in people's mind. It should speak of all your values, your objectives, your characters... all in one picture in one single glance!

Many meetings were spent to discuss what elements we wanted to incorporate into this little fella. And boy, do we have a lot of silly outrageous ideas! We wanted bright colours. A booklet. Balloons. 3D squares. At one point someone even mentioned square apples!

After being brought back to Earth by a wonderful designer friend of ours, it is our pleasure to finally unveil our face to you guys. *beams* Squarelet is finally ready to come off the drawing board and conquer Penang!

You'll soon see our Smiley Square making his way to a place near you and that you'll know for sure a good deal is just nearby! Where you spot The Square, there you'll enjoy discounts. Where you see The Square, there you'll find great prizes to be won! Where you discover The Square, there you'll get cool videos showing you the great stuff you'll enjoy from your deal!

So friends, please put your hands together and help us welcome Squarelet.

And we at Squarelet, humbly take a bow. *bows deeply*


19 October 2010

Kicking off our First Squarelet Contest

AirSupply-GreatestHitsBecause you are such lovely people for supporting Squarelet at our infant stage, because you had such faith in us and liking our page just coz we asked you to and heck, because we want to show you just how much we appreciate you, we at Squarelet would love to shower you with bee kisses and bear hugs until you beg us to stop!

But we didn’t think many of you would erm.. approve of that. And we don’t wanna scare you away.

So instead, we’re kicking off our FIRST EVER Squarelet Contest in line of many more to come where you will win awesome prizes that you’ll want to bee kiss and bear hug us instead.



To enter the contest, all you have to do is snap a picture of you and the most creative square that you can think of. It could be you pointing to a square clock in your room, you snacking on a square cookie, you squeeze into a square box, you creating something square in your toilet – anything goes! It’s called “Me and My Square Contest” and so long as there is you and there is a square, you will be in the running to be the winner!


We’re giving away 2(two!) tickets of the latest sensation to hit the shores of Penang – soft rock legends Air Supply’s Love Never Ends World Tour – to the winner of this contest! Grab a partner and rock to their evergreen love classics as they celebrate their 35th Anniversary as musicians on 16 November 2010 at PISA. A total value of RM306!



  • One entry per person, please.
  • Email that winning picture to us at airsupply@squarelet.com. We will post up your photos at Squarelet Facebook Page within a day and notify you.
  • Share it with your friends and get them to vote for you. The picture with the most LIKES will win!
  • Easy as a square pie!
  • Votes will be tabulated by 12 midnight 4 November 2010.
  • In the event of a tie, Squarelet will pick the winning entry.
  • Squarelet reserves the right to all submissions.
  • Winner will be announced on 5 November 2010 at Squarelet’s Facebook Page and of course, Squarelet’s blog.


I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without you ~~

15 October 2010

The Shape of Squarelet is …

You see something you like. It catches your eye, then automatically your heart. You want it! You gotta have it! Your itchy fingers want to own it and try it on! So you happily reach for the price tag and turn it around ... but fulamak!! SO EXPENSIVE!! How to afford?! You begin to feel disappointed BUT you ain't gonna give up. No no no.. not till you try every way possible.

imageThat's where Squarelet comes in! We can make it possible for you to realize your dream. Now imagine there are 50 of you, feeling the exact same thing. 50 of you, who want a particular something so bad but just that individually you cannot afford. Now what if.. Squarelet combines the 50 of you, Squarelet go negotiate for you, Squarelet clinches an amazing deal for you, Squarelet personally informs you of the deal and Squarelet lets you enjoy the rewards, making it possible for 50 of you to own it at a great discount. Ahh... Squarelet is an angel with a square halo. :)

All we want to do, is to make it possible for you. Squarelet is happy to facilitate the bulk buying. We organize and gather the bulk buyers and send it to your doorstep on every possible thing available - be it a dining venue, a spa massage, a tasty drink, a new gadget, a concert ticket, a health treatment, a branded accessory, a delectable snack, a lifestyle luxury, a once in a lifetime experience - the list could go on. In fact, you tell us what you want, and we go make it happen.

And all you do, is sit back and be rest assured we will persistently but not aggressively notify you of any discounts we have found for you. You might like some, you might not like some, but hey, let us surprise you daily. The best part is, once you found something you like, SHARE IT! With a higher group buying power, your discounts increases and that is something you really want. Trust us.

Now doesn’t this sound like fun? We think so. And we can’t wait to start.