03 April 2011

Safety and Security

Untitled-2When we read about the news of the recent tragedy that hit Japan, we were all shocked and saddened. Immediately, we were keen to help them and set out to find ways on how we could donate, even just a little bit, to help the victims. With just 2 days, we collected RM3,000.

With the kind generosity from all of you, we managed to collect a fair sum and quickly we banked in the money to the Malaysian Red Crescent Society’s International Relief Fund. We had a little video shooting to prove the transaction - that 100% of what was collected was given – and none was kept by Squarelet. It sure was a little awkward videoing through the glass doors of Maybank’s ATM, but we felt it was necessary. We also had the transaction slip scanned and posted on Facebook showing the full amount.

Squarelet @ Maybank’s ATM

These are just the few little extra steps by Squarelet to ensure our transparency to our fellow Squarers. Since the beginning, we have always stressed on the safety and security of our deals. From the start, we want to ensure that you can trust us and we do all we can to prove it.

Untitled-4In fact, that is our first task for the IT guys. “Develop all our systems and set up Squarelet with security in mind! We want every button in Squarelet to be safe safe safe!,” we yelled. Ok, we didn’t yell, but we sure stressed that point home.

So our IT guys have done just that. They went about thinking only about security and told the web designers to go home. Oops.... And so, we now have an incredibly safe website but, we have to admit, not with a very pretty one. ~shy~

These are just some of the stuff our IT guys did.

  • The encryption is one way only. This means it cannot be decrypted back to its original text (example passwords, in this case)
  • Our IT guys in Squarelet cannot decrypt this to get your password, even if they wanted to
  • This encryption methodology are required by law for use in certain U.S. Government applications
  • It is so safe that we even dare to show the encrypted text itself for all to see

For more technical mumbo jumbo, see here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SHA-2. Ok, this may be a little too technical for some, but it’s still good to know. :)

Below is the screenshot of how the password of the user is stored within the database. Technically, it's called "Hashed using SHA-512". Oooo... sounds safe, doesn’t it?

Secured PasswordWe will continue to strive on security here at Squarelet. In everything that we do, we will take extra efforts to show that we are transparent and nothing is risked. We may not be the prettiest website around, but we sure are one of the safest!

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