01 April 2011

A Healthy and Hearty Meal

ef6c082d-146d-4204-98ca-f536fc8511a8Discover this true gem in Penang!
As Earth Hour 2011 just passed, the call for the world's citizens to unite and save Mother Earth rings louder than ever. And so, the timing couldn't be more right than now to introduce this specialized restaurant that is worth multiple visits.
Introducing today's deal of Sushi Kitchen Cash Voucher worth RM10 for only RM5.
Sushi Kitchen have two dining styles, either a tatami style or dining table style. Whichever you choose, they are equally comfortable and you will soon forget about it as something more important will take your attention away... the FOOD!

Squarelet @ Sushi Kitchen

One thing that will capture your attention from the start would be that Sushi Kitchen advocates very healthy eating. Not only are they vegetarian, but they also do not cook with artificial flavoring or preservatives. In fact, they have nine big No-Nos.

9 NO Ingredients:

  • · No MSG
  • · No White Sugar
  • · No White Salt
  • · No Artificial Colouring
  • · No Preservatives
  • · No Meat
  • · No Egg
  • · No Garlic and Onion
  • · No Microwave

For some of the dish, Sushi Kitchen cooks with organic olive oil and also serves organic drinks. Here are their Yes-Yeses.
6 YES Practices (among the many others) :

  • · Natural Seasoning such as brown sugar and Himalayan salt
  • · Natural Detergent / Cleaner made from enzymes
  • · High Energy & High Fibre
  • · All vegetables are soaked in enzymes 45 minutes before cooking to wash away chemicals
  • · All food order to cook (no leftover ingredients)
  • · Non smoking restaurant

You might wonder, with so many Nos, would the food taste "no" as well? Aha.. this is where you would be pleasantly surprised. In fact, some of their sushi creations can easily beat other high-end Japanese Restaurant hands down! And the best part is, you can eat with a happy stomach knowing that it is perfectly healthy.  9ccb728c-be83-4937-8966-6852ce9b7899

There is no reason not to give this restaurant a try now!
Remember to call for reservations though. Many of Sushi Kitchen's customers patronizes this place frequently! The restaurant also prepares the vegetables and fruits in advance and they are soaked with enzymes for 45 minutes to remove all the harmful fertilizers, heavy metal, bacterias, insecticides and etc. Therefore, all dishes are available while stock last.

Deal is now available until 5 April 2011 at 8.00pm. Visit Squarelet now!


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