16 March 2011

Our Thoughts and Prayers

donationjapanBy now, we're sure everyone is aware of the horrific disaster that claimed thousands of lives in Japan. The 8.9-magnitude quake - the strongest in Japan’s seismically turbulent history - which struck on March 11, and subsequently triggered a tsunami and now the nuclear troubles, is described as Japan’s “worst crisis since World War II.” In fact, the tragedy is not over. The impact of this natural disaster will be felt not only by the Japanese, but by the rest of the world for a long time to come.

As we sit here in Penang, safe and sound, let us all send a grateful prayer and do what we can to help these victims. Join us in donating some funds, no matter big or small, to the Malaysian Red Crescent Society (MRCS) who will then ensure the immediate disbursement of all donated funds to the victims.

Squarelet has kicked start this fund by contributing RM500. We hope that Penangites will join in and together let us unite to help our fellow brothers and sisters in Japan. No matter how small or big the contribution, we thank you in advance.

How to Contribute

1. Visit www.squarelet.com

2. Click the “Buy” button

3. Choose from the drop down menu, the quantity you would like to donate

Eg, 10 x RM3 = RM30

4. Confirm your shipping address is correct as we will be sending you a receipt by MRCS for any donation from RM100 and above for tax exemption

5. Choose your payment method and click “Proceed with your Purchase” button

What Squarelet does Next?

Upon your successful donation, we will update the total funds received on the right banner of our website. We want to remain transparent thus, you can easily see the increased amount as the number of donations also increase.

By 28 March, we will calculate the final amount and share it with all of you. We will then write a cheque addressed to Malaysian Red Crescent Society and all your generous contributions will be given to them from then on.

For those of you who donated RM100 or more, MRCS will send us the receipt for your tax exemption. We will then post it to you. This is why we encourage you to double check your shipping address to avoid lost mail.

We hope that with everyone’s effort, somehow we can help ease a little burden off the shoulders of the victims. We are after all, living on the same planet.

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