13 December 2010

Our First Step

confetti_9e6k*throws confetti!* *pops champagne!* *three resounding cheers!* *drinks all around!*

Alright..maybe the celebration doesn't warrant such a grand scale but heck, it sure feels like it to us! :)

It has been a "hiong hiong khi" (hokkien term for just do it) week for all of us at Squarelet as we finally launched our website and go live to the Penangkias! We were as nervous as little pups.. crossing our fingers and toes that nothing will go wrong. We've done all our preparation, we've done all our homework, we've tested the links twice and twice again.. It should be good to go!

And true enough it did! Yays!

Our first deal was of Coffee Bean Cash Vouchers worth RM10 at only RM6! All 50 vouchers were snapped up within a day and a half. *cheers all around*


Our second deal was of Bubble Milk Tea drink at Tea-Tac-Toe worth RM7.80 at only RM3.60. Another 54 vouchers were grabbed by the end of the deal. *throws confetti*


We are proud that so far we've efficiently answered all questions you guys had, sent out all vouchers by post and email with no delays, and all payments were done smoothly. With these two deals, we're now even more geared up to offer more and more good deals to you guys!

Till then!

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