27 November 2010

Our first deal - Mushrooms and Sambals

image2010's Mooncake Festival would always be fondly remembered by us as this special festival sorta helped shaped Squarelet.

Not only were we born on this day...it was also during this festival that we successfully made a group buying deal among our friends! Yup! Deal of the day was "Mushroom Sambal Mooncake" and the deal was with 20 confirmed orders, all buyers will enjoy a 10% discount and FREE delivery! (yeah, these were imported mooncakes from Johor leh...)

So a few of us started sharing the deal on Facebook, Twitter and email. In no time at all, we managed to score 20 orders! Perhaps the exotic mushroom sambal flavor helped as Penangites are known to want to try new stuff but mostly the promise of a 10% discount was the pulling factor.

And that, my friends, is the power of group buying. Squarelet is going to launch some great deals pretty soon...only in a matter of a few more days...and its gonna be pretty exciting to see group buying come to life!! Only at Squarelet, yo!

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