15 October 2010

The Shape of Squarelet is …

You see something you like. It catches your eye, then automatically your heart. You want it! You gotta have it! Your itchy fingers want to own it and try it on! So you happily reach for the price tag and turn it around ... but fulamak!! SO EXPENSIVE!! How to afford?! You begin to feel disappointed BUT you ain't gonna give up. No no no.. not till you try every way possible.

imageThat's where Squarelet comes in! We can make it possible for you to realize your dream. Now imagine there are 50 of you, feeling the exact same thing. 50 of you, who want a particular something so bad but just that individually you cannot afford. Now what if.. Squarelet combines the 50 of you, Squarelet go negotiate for you, Squarelet clinches an amazing deal for you, Squarelet personally informs you of the deal and Squarelet lets you enjoy the rewards, making it possible for 50 of you to own it at a great discount. Ahh... Squarelet is an angel with a square halo. :)

All we want to do, is to make it possible for you. Squarelet is happy to facilitate the bulk buying. We organize and gather the bulk buyers and send it to your doorstep on every possible thing available - be it a dining venue, a spa massage, a tasty drink, a new gadget, a concert ticket, a health treatment, a branded accessory, a delectable snack, a lifestyle luxury, a once in a lifetime experience - the list could go on. In fact, you tell us what you want, and we go make it happen.

And all you do, is sit back and be rest assured we will persistently but not aggressively notify you of any discounts we have found for you. You might like some, you might not like some, but hey, let us surprise you daily. The best part is, once you found something you like, SHARE IT! With a higher group buying power, your discounts increases and that is something you really want. Trust us.

Now doesn’t this sound like fun? We think so. And we can’t wait to start.

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