10 October 2010

S is for Sharing

UntitledCryptography is found everywhere. Man, especially Chinese folks, has this incredible talent to see all sorts of numbers and its hidden meanings in anything numeric – car number plates, dates, certificates, your ID, even a serial number in a ringgit note – you name it, there are bound to be some wise old man crackin’ a theory or two.

It doesn’t come as a big surprise then, when the famous date of October 10, 2010 rolls up, many view it as THE MOST AUSPICIOUS date of all in the span of the whole year of 2010. A 101010 binary number that appears only once every 100 years, who can resist its unique charm!

And so.. hopeful brides and grooms everywhere rush to propose, get registered, have their wedding ceremonies and better still, some moms yearn to give birth on this very day. Heck, if it weren’t such a taboo, maybe some would even plan to pass on today. (alright alright.. choi choi touch wood touch wood)

And hence, the mass creates a mass celebration. Is it the whole “let’s do it together thing” that appeals to people? Or perhaps it is the “I want to be a part of a bigger scheme” thought. Some view it as “I do it so I won’t feel so alone”. Whatever the reason, Squarelet is all for it! We love the whole idea of let’s do it together, let’s share, let’s spread the fun and mostly, with the force of many, let’s SAVE together!

Stay tuned to learn how you can be a part of this phenomenal power!

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