14 October 2010

Only the Curious Will Learn

Sesame-StreetLearning things are fun. Yeah, most of the time, many will whine about it or dread taking up the added responsibilities but if you view it with a positive mind, you DO end up learning something useful. And in life, once you learned something, there is no way you can unlearn it. So what’s there to lose?

The more stuff you try or attempt to try, the more experiences you get. And experiences cannot be discounted. No matter how much someone else competes with you, if you have one additional experience more than your competitor, it is will be something that cannot be ignored. Like what Thomas Edison has so aptly said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”.

So, it was with fake disdain, but with hidden pleasure, that I was recently dumped with the huge responsibility of shooting a video and editing it to perfection, or at least, to the satisfaction of the big bosses, and presenting it to the whole wide world (also known as the world wide web :D). Of course, within the short span of time given, (a grand total of 1 hour really) the video was hastily completed with many many areas still needed for improvement, but honestly, my heart swelled with pride at having accomplished something which I have never done before. And having it signed off by the Vice President no less.


And that feeling can only motivate me to try again, to experiment more and create better and better work that ultimately, it would result in something a whole lot more people can be proud with, other than myself. One day, Squarelet shall have awesome home-made videos too!

*still beaming*

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