09 October 2010

A Message To Our Future Self

bttfridelogo2It feels weird sitting here writing a message for our future self knowing that we will probably remember this message in the coming weeks and months. But we have to remind ourselves, we are not sending this to ourselves few months from now, it is for ourselves from the 2020!

That's when we look back and see how far we have come. Wouldn't it be awesome to come back to this post 10 years from now and post a comment below?

So hi there dear future selves! How are you doing there? Hope everything is as great as we imagined it out to be from here. We are very excited now. Just got this blog setup, our development is nearing completion and our sales guy is ready to go.

We did hit a snag or two which kind off delayed our launching date for a bit. But we suspect this is going to be a very small matter in the coming months, dealing with different parties, ensuring our sales targets are met, staying afloat and so on. Heck, you would have totally forgotten about it by the time you read this.

We are still in the process of coming up with a good logo for our company, the outline and idea is done and the only thing left is the colouring.

Once it's up, we are going to push off with our pre-launch strategies which is very exciting! We are going to meet lot's of people and hopefully entice them to add us into their social networking system of choice. Facebook page and Twitter.

We also want you to know we have very high hopes for Squarelet. We held meetings after meetings, all with good positive outputs of ideas and strategies. We think Squarelet is going to be something big in the near future. Our only hope now is we did not disappoint you. Do forgive us if we make any mistakes along the way, we are still learning and the most important thing is we will learn from those mistakes.

Well, that should be all for now. See you in 10 years time, buddy.

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