28 October 2010

The Many Sides of a Square

Untitled-2Ah.. The decisions of a logo creation are usually one of the hardest to make. It is the face of the company, the everlasting image you want to remain in people's mind. It should speak of all your values, your objectives, your characters... all in one picture in one single glance!

Many meetings were spent to discuss what elements we wanted to incorporate into this little fella. And boy, do we have a lot of silly outrageous ideas! We wanted bright colours. A booklet. Balloons. 3D squares. At one point someone even mentioned square apples!

After being brought back to Earth by a wonderful designer friend of ours, it is our pleasure to finally unveil our face to you guys. *beams* Squarelet is finally ready to come off the drawing board and conquer Penang!

You'll soon see our Smiley Square making his way to a place near you and that you'll know for sure a good deal is just nearby! Where you spot The Square, there you'll enjoy discounts. Where you see The Square, there you'll find great prizes to be won! Where you discover The Square, there you'll get cool videos showing you the great stuff you'll enjoy from your deal!

So friends, please put your hands together and help us welcome Squarelet.

And we at Squarelet, humbly take a bow. *bows deeply*


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